Mileage and Motel Cats

"A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed." - Ansel Adams

267,000 - The number of miles that are on Robb's car. Our round-trip mileage from home to a beautiful little corner of Southwest Utah - 2,100.

The joys of getting out of the city started just about 4:00 pm. The car was packed the night before, we patted the cat on the head on the way out the door. Finally, the work day was over, and we were ready to get our asses (and the rest of us) out of town. 

To start the trip off right, we wanted to try and grab some photos in the Columbia River Gorge. We lucked out with some awesome clouds and a bit of a light show at Columbia Hills State Park.

_NSR8829-HDR w.jpg

As you can see, it was well worth our time to stop. Our detour left us tired and checking into our hotel in Ontario, Oregon at around 2:00 AM. An extra special thanks to time zones for us losing an hour as we approached the Oregon border. 

The Ontario Inn is super cute and clean. We were very excited about their resident hotel cat. You have officially met an official crazy cat lady (and man) *raises fur covered hand*.  A shout out also to Expedia for making finding and booking this gem so easy! (see our affiliate program info at the bottom!)

Ontario Inn and their super friendly kitty!

Ontario Inn and their super friendly kitty!

A special shout-out to Jolt and Juice in Ontario, Oregon for the wicked cup of coffee and smoothie before we left town early in the morning (check out their Yelp page, this is one of the most creatively inspired coffee places we have been to). Did I mention that we only got three hours of sleep? Just in case you aren’t picking up the delirium that I am currently experiencing, we only got three hours of sleep.

Three. Hours. *Nods off while drinking energy drink*

We were back on the road by 7:00 AM. After multiple rest area, fuel top off stops, and Panda Express for breakfast (that’s a first for me) we made finally made it through the beautiful valleys and buttes of Idaho and into Utah. There might have been a quick pit-stop that happened in Salt Lake City to partake in some delicious BBQ. R&R BBQ has sort of a Chiptotle-esque assembly line and a very busy atmosphere, but it was damn good. Who can pass up some good BBQ'd Brisket and Hush Puppies, am I right?! Thanks Yelp!

Once our hands and faces were clean, we got back on the road and finished off our drive to Bryce Canyon. We got in at around 6:00pm and got settled with family before going back out to find a good spot to photograph sunset.

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More to come soon!
Lots of love!
- Nicole and Robb

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