Hoodoo You Love?

Utah is full of so many amazing places its hard to know exactly where to start. 

We arrived at Bryce Canyon in the afternoon, so our first order of business was to find a good spot for sunset. We found out quickly that Bryce faces East, which means the lighting is much more optimal for sunrises. We hopped on Photographers Ephemeris with our Skyfire app and decided that Red Canyon would be our best bet given our time crunch. We hiked a little way in and up into the red hills and set up for a cloudless sunset. 

The hills lit with that special quality of light. You know, the type that can completely transform a landscape. We hung around after sunset to witness the stars pierce one of the darkest skies we’ve ever seen.


We headed back to the home base and settled in for another three hour nap. We woke up at 4:00am. We hiked down the trail to Thors Hammer in complete darkness and waited for the magic to happen. We were by ourselves in this magical place. Just the two of us, the stars, and a whole bunch of sandstone (Who likes a hoodoo? You know you do!) 

We seem to be onto something here with our crazy sleep schedule! It’s nice to get set up to shoot at a location without a crowd. 


At Thor’s hammer we got a chance to photograph the hammer itself, but also the incredible surrounding landscape. Since it wasn’t light, we were able to shoot some long exposure shots and got some great dragging clouds in the sky. We even got snowed on for a few seconds! Hey—some snow is better than no snow.


Right before the sun rose, a sliver moon that could barely be called a crescent popped up between the horizon and a dramatic storm cloud that was reigning (and raining) hell on the grand staircase across the canyon from us. We were lucky to catch it, because it rose into the clouds within a couple of minutes. 


We spent the rest of the morning meeting new people and catching sunbursts through windows in the colorful sandstone. There was only a small crowd of people at Thor’s hammer, so it made for a comfortable and easy going morning to shoot sunrise.

Big news! The photo below of Bryce Canyon is officially in Bryce Canyon National Park’s 2020 Calendar!!


We have big plans for tomorrow, so check in soon for that post to see what we did! In the meantime you can visit our Etsy store HERE and see what awesome prints we currently have available!

Let us know what you think of the images we have shared so far!


Robb and Nicole

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