Tight Squeezes and Sandy Feetses

Surprise Surprise! We’re off again on another road trip!!

We had the car packed by Tuesday night April 16th, so we could leave straight from Robb’s work in Portland Wednesday afternoon. Long story short, we got on the road around 2:00 PM. We made it just east of Boise Idaho about 9:30 PM and crashed in the car at a roadside rest.

Robb built up a 6” high platform to put our air mattress on in the SUV, so we could have a small bit of extra storage on our 11 day trip. We had to pack a bit differently than for our standard camping trips, but we made it work! We even brought camera lighting equipment and our camping chairs and table. With our 8” air mattress, we have enough room to sleep and move around a bit. Climbing into bed through the side doors does feel a little similar to that scene of Jim Carrey climbing out of the rhino in Ace Ventura When Nature Calls. Quite the visual. We will add a shot of our car packed to the gills in the next couple of days when we can nab a good shot of us all decked out in it!

We woke up around 6:15 AM and decided to swing by Bruneau Dunes.

Bruneau Dunes.jpg

We were happy we took the short detour off the highway. There is just something magical about dunes in general, but these are next to the river, which created an added bonus of some wildlife tracks in the sand. 


Inspired doesn't even begin to explain how we felt about the light and the textures and prints in the sand as well as the dune grass. Bonus points--there was only one other person while we were there, which I am personally all about!


We got back on the road around 8:30 AM and headed out towards Salt Lake City, Utah for lunch. Final goal destination for today:  Moab, Utah! We will stay in Moab for two nights before continuing onto Idaho Springs Colorado on Saturday morning.

Next post will be updates from Salt Lake City through Moab. Enjoy this photo of a bird in the meantime!


Big love!

Nicole and Robb


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