Breakfast and Big Horned Sheep

Going through Moab on our trip to Colorado felt a little like visiting an old friend you haven’t seen in a while. It greeted us with a beautiful embrace of vivid color, community, and beautiful weather. 

Standing among large arches and monoliths of sandstone is one of the most magical experiences.

It is understandable why the Native Pueblo Indians thought of these formations as sentient beings centuries ago.

We spent two days. The first day we spent exploring among the rocks and hiking to a couple of arches in Arches National Park. You saw all of that in the last blog post. If you haven’t seen all of that yet, check it out HERE

The next day we grabbed breakfast at a great local stop in Moab, Love Muffin Cafe. We stopped by here when we visited Moab on our honeymoon in 2016. Amazing organic coffee and killer breakfast; all complete with Love Muffin’s homemade sauces that really seal the deal on their dishes.

To really make the most of our time in Moab, we spent the remainder of the day driving around Canyonlands. We relaxed, we chatted, we got the car dirty—REALLY dirty. The level of inspiration that ran through our veins was unparalleled (well, at least not yet).

Just a little dirty! Thanks #nissan

Just a little dirty! Thanks #nissan

We were lucky enough to spot some big horned sheep without many people around. Just one of the perks of having an opportunity to go off-road in a more remote area.


Little Horns? Lens we used to photograph this shot found HERE!


Unparalleled until we weren’t quite getting the sunsets were seeking. With a quick perspective check, we knew we were here to create and witness what we could without expectation. We stayed down in Shafer Canyon until dark and took the gravel road back out by the light of the full moon.

_NSR6314-HDR_s copy.jpg

It was late, so we found a place to nestle in near the Colorado River for the night (we had a picnic at this little spot earlier in the day and Robb took a dip in the river). We parked and got out cozy bed set up and pulled out some quick backpacking meals (we highly recommend the meal we linked to there) to heat up in our Jet Boil, while we waited we snacked on some apples and cracked open a beer. The alarm was set for the next day to start our drive towards Denver. The concert at Red Rocks was not going to watch itself!

Our first stop in Colorado was to see our friends who we were staying with for two days—the very talented Danette who owns Silver Lace Designs ( go check out her jewelry) and her sweet husband.

More on Colorado soon! Thanks for reading!

Love, Nicole and Robb


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