Boise, BBQ, and Sandstone?

Boise, BBQ, and Sandstone?

We left our location at the sand dunes just outside of Boise and arrived in Salt Lake City in time for lunch. We swung by one of our favorite local BBQ chains -R&R BBQ. They have eight locations in Utah serving up award winning BBQ.

BBQ sauce.JPG

Yes, those are hush puppies!  We didn't bring our cameras into R&R so you will have to excuse our cell pics here! (Cameras and sauce don't mix)

We arrived in Moab around 6pm.

We headed straight into Arches National park just in time for a short hike into the Devil's Garden area for sunset.

There weren't any clouds for a dramatic sky, we knew there would still be great photos to be taken! We hiked a short distance to Landscape Arch then on to Navajo Arch. It got dark enough for us to do some light painting inside of Navajo Arch, so we had some fun with that.

After we gracefully stumbled down the slickrock and out of the canyon in the dark, we trekked into town for some tacos. 

We ended up finding a spot by Canyonlands National Park to sleep. After four whole hours of sleep we drug ourselves to the very crowded parking lot at Mesa Arch. We hustled the short distance to the arch and found a crowd of at least 35 people. Nicole didn't bother dragging her camera out, but I managed to squeeze himself into a spot just long enough to snag a couple shots. When we were here three years ago, we encountered a similar crowd but managed to leave our cameras in the cabin we rented. So, we made a point to get the shot this time. Now we never have to go back and deal with the crowds - ever - again - EVER. Unless we want a snowy shot at this iconic location . . . crap!



Next up is even more of Moab!  Stay tuned!

Robb and Nicole


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